"Enjoy your life"

First time in Fantasy

So you have finally won the battle with prejudice, overcome your fears and are standing behind the door, the door to another world. Your heart reveals to you with its accelerated frequency that an unforgettable evening full of emotions and excitement awaits you, but there is still a bit of fear and anxiety with you …

The door opens and you enter, giving each other the courage and the feeling that you are in it together. We will welcome you with a smile, walk through the corridor and the main room will open in front of you. The atmosphere of the club, decent lighting, music …

You receive the key from the locker and the staff takes you to the locker room, where you get the first information about the operation of the club. The theme of the party determines whether you change or stay in the clothes you came in. There is also a tour of the club, a welcome drink is ready. Smoking in the club is allowed only for IQOS, by the bar or in VIP.

A tour follows, where you get more information about how things go with us and swingers. Every couple has their ideas and the spectrum of swingers concepts is very wide. Couples can be divided into about three groups. In the first there are couples who are just together, without contact with others and just have an atmosphere around them. In the second group there are couples who want to meet, but they only need one pair according to their sympathies and will spend the whole evening at four. In the third group, there are couples who like larger groups or other situations. All couples respect others and no one forces others to do anything they do not want. It’s all about communication and just say “Don’t be angry, but we want to be alone”. It’s a different world, where completely different things are normal than somewhere in a bar or disco, but even here there are rules and “NO” means “NO”. You can easily keep your distance without any problems.

For new couples, we have a voyeur room that no one is allowed behind you and can be seen from the next rooms. The club also has a room for women only and men can only watch from the next room.

Information about the first visit

If you want to visit our club, it is good for you to make a reservation for the party, which you choose in the calendar of events. You can make a RESERVATION using the form at your chosen event or by phone, SMS or email.

We recommend that you bring clean shoes, or it is possible to wipe your outdoor shoes, or we will lend you slippers or you can be barefoot.
Of course, all hygiene supplies (towels, soaps, condoms, gels …) are available in the club.

It is not considerate or permissible to visit a club with a virus or other infectious disease!

If a special DRESS CODE * is prescribed at certain parties, it must be observed for the atmosphere of the party.
You can come and go to the party at any time during the event, everything is in your hands.

* DRESS CODE in general: due to the atmosphere and high level of the club, a social type of clothing is prescribed for all parties, especially for men. Slightly erotic clothing for women is welcome. For men, shirts, a T-shirt with a collar and the like. We will not tolerate T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, ie in this case you will not be allowed into the club. Thank you for your understanding.

Vstup na tyto stránky je možný pouze pro osoby starší 18-ti let. Kliknutím na tlačítko "VSTOUPIT" zároveň udělujete souhlas, že vstupujete na stránky se sexuálním obsahem a povrzujete, že neumožníte přístup k těmto stránkám nezletilým osobám.