"Zážitky jsou život,
Fantasy jsou zážitky"



⚤  CouplesWomen♂ Men⚤ Man with couple


20 – 02

1.100 Kč

900 Kč*

300 Kčonly for couples or women

** 1.100Kč

** 900 Kč*


19 – 02

1.000 Kč

800 Kč*

300 Kč

1.400 Kč

1.100 Kč*

1.400 Kč

1.100 Kč*


21 – 04

1.400 Kč

1.200 Kč*

300 Kč

** 1.900 Kč

** 1.500 Kč*

** 1.400 Kč

** 1.200 Kč*



1.500 Kč

1.300 Kč*

300 Kčonly for couples or womenonly for couples or women

*) Entrance fee with Fantasy Club card (second and other entrances with club card).

**) Entry possible only to special thursday, friday or saturday party (f.e.: Kaundalistic, Gentleman or Bi party).

PREMIUM PARTY: Luxury, Glamor, Roman, Halloween, Party in erotic lingerie, Dance party, Valentine’s, Birthday, Spicy Match, JOY club, SDC, Hell, Christmas.

Current regulation => confirmation for entry

Currently, it’s not available to enter the club without submitting a negative PCR or Antigen covid test, a confirmation that you had Covid, or a vaccination confirmation (according to the currently valid conditions). If you don’t have any kind of confirmation, don’t worry, we will be happy to do a rapid antigen test before your enter for CZK 60. You’ll receive the result within 15 minutes. Only then, with a negative result, we can let you into the party. Thank you for your understanding.

Sales for members of the Fantasy Club

with Fantasy Club card  (from the 2nd entrance you pay prizes with *)
Every 10th entrance is free of charge (you collect F stickers on your club card)
Bringing another new pair => 50% discount from the entrance fee for both pairs. 
Discounts for Premium membership (Joy Club, Spicy Match, SDC,…) 

Accommodations and Parking

For participants of our events, we have available accommodations in the apartments above the club, so you don’t have to look for a ride home after the party. All it takes is to make a reservation for accommodations on time.
The prize for a regular room is CZK 1.100,-/ a night 
(third-person + CZK 300,-)
The prize for a large room is CZK 1.200,-/ a night 
(third-person + CZK 300)
You can park for FREE in our parking lot in the courtyard in between our yellow and red building.

Club rental

If you are interested in renting the whole club please contact us. We’ll be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Accepted PAYMENTS are only in CASH !!!

Vstup na tyto stránky je možný pouze pro osoby starší 18-ti let. Kliknutím na tlačítko "VSTOUPIT" zároveň udělujete souhlas, že vstupujete na stránky se sexuálním obsahem a povrzujete, že neumožníte přístup k těmto stránkám nezletilým osobám.