"Enjoy your life"


Entry fee includes

At your arrival, we are going to greet you with a welcome drink. We provide towels and sheets both will be ready for you in your personal locker.

Due to Covid-19, we take extra measures and therefore there are hygiene items and disinfection at your disposal throughout the premises of our club.

During our parties, you are welcome to help yourself from our snack bar and let yourself relaxe in our large Jacuzzi by the bar.


We accept cash only. If you wish to withdraw the cash there is an ATM nearby approximately 400m from us.


There is a secure private parking lot at the club. You will find the entrance through the passageway at house number Trinecka 673.


To all our clients we offer private accommodation in one of our two rooms above the club. You can refer to the website gallery for future reference.

To be able to provide the accommodation to you we will have to make the booking in advance and ask for a deposit before your arrival.

The standard room charge is 1.300 CZK per night

Larger room with a kitchenette charge is 1.400 CZK per night.

There is 300 CZK third person charge.

Occupancy and age of our visitors

The average attendance of our parties is 30 couples. During the weekends the attendance is usually higher and can be up to 50 couples which also depends on the theme of the party.

The average age of our visitors is between 25 and 55 years.

 Do we allow single men?

We dedicated our Wednesday parties such as Mega Gang Bang, Kandalustic and Gentleman parties to a single man.

 What are the rules and what is available in our club?

We will ask you to leave your mobile devices by the entrance in secure lockers. Any devices are forbidden to use in our club.

The new coming couples will have a tour throughout the club where we explain how everything works and we will gladly answer any questions.

Each couple will be given numbered locker to use for personal belongings and to change clothes. In the locker, you will find two towels and one sheet. You will be given a coloured bracelet with your locker number which will be used as identification for all your orders during the stay.

Red bracelet indicates that you wish to be with your partner only A blue bracelet indicates that you wish to join other couples.

All the rooms have paper towel dispensers, lubricant gels and condoms.

We provide a fresh snack bar at each of our parties.

What to wear?

As a nightclub, we ask our visitors to follow the appropriate dress code.

For men: long trousers, shirts or polo shirts.

We won’t let you in if wearing shorts and sweatshirts or similar.

For women: you are welcome to wear elegant, formal or erotic dresses.

Footwear should match your dress. Ladies are welcome to wear flats and heels and the gentleman should wear derby/oxford shoes with a smooth sole.

We won’t let you in the club in the sneakers you will have to leave them at the entrance. We will offer you our slippers or you are welcome to be barefoot. The whole club has carpets for your comfort and safety.

Some events have their own dress code which we ask you to follow to be able to attend the party.




Vstup na tyto stránky je možný pouze pro osoby starší 18-ti let. Kliknutím na tlačítko "VSTOUPIT" zároveň udělujete souhlas, že vstupujete na stránky se sexuálním obsahem a povrzujete, že neumožníte přístup k těmto stránkám nezletilým osobám.