SEXY+EROTIC MASTERMIND***18:30-04:00 clock.

We are inviting you to this premium Erotic Mastermind event, which is preceded by our usual Sexy party, which you can wear sexy garments, lingerie, or a suit. There are no limits to your imagination. For recreation purposes there is a jacuzzi available for you next to the bar, and of course a rich banquet and our sympathetic waitresess. The price includes a welcome drink, banquet, whirpool, and a towel.DON’T MISS THIS SPECIAL PARTY!!

Swingers club Fantasy introducing
With madam Canabelle & Kira Nox

Are you interested in how to control your partner’s in the game and get his / her’s attention? Would you like to start discovering new erotic dimensions, and as yet unexplored sexual fantasies, and you don’t know how to do it? Are you interested in role-playing games, power games, teasing and denying pleasure, erotic seduction and control, or even more decadent fantasies? 
We’re opening a series of saturday’s evening meetings for couples, that are open for exploring their erotic potential, and upgrade it to erotic mastership. Visit this guided workshop before saturday’s swingers party and
– enlight the spark and passion in your sex life- build a deeper connection with your partner- gain confidence and express your deepest desires and fantasies- learn on how to create erotic scenes- master the tools and trick, that will step up your erotic game – enter different roles, and get to know the ones thah turn you on the most- become the master of an erotic atmosphere and tension- step up the level of your sexual energy and orgasmic potential of your body- learn from the proffessionals, on how to master erotica
Who are we?
We’re sexual alchemists ,fetish and BDSM proffessionals and lectors of concious sexuality – Madam Canabelle & Kira Nox. We create a safe, consious and playfull space, in which you can relax and allow yourself to experience your true desires and fantasies without worries and unpleasant feelings we realize individual sessions, duosessions, but we also lead group erotic playparty and workshops. Our passion and mission is to raise awareness in the field of intimacy and sexuality. We help people open their 13th room, we teach how to transform shame, fear and pain, into joy, relaxation and pleasure. 
When: 26th March 2022, from 18:30 to 22:30 in a closed group of couples, with the oppourtunity to continue in our saturday’s usual swinger’s party.
Erotic mastermint is maximally for 15 couples, that’s why we please early reservations.
Prize: 2200,- kč for a couple (includes an entrance to our swinger’s party as well)
ENTRANCE FEE: Couple: 1500,- kč (1300,- with our club card) Woman: 300,- kč  
We’re looking forward to seeing you, Fantasy club




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