PINK WITH RUZOVYSLON.CZ *** 21-04 clock.

We are inviting you to this premium party, that we’re hosting in collaboration with well known erotic e-shop: Růžový Slon!

Come to arrouse your senses! This party is for everyone, who likes to play naughty!

With Růžový we had prepared a special evening, which will be guided by a sexpert woman, that will introduce you to various erotic aids and explain their use. Braver couples are free to join! All couples will take away a present, and you can look forward to a contest for really exciting gifts. The dress code is: for gentlemen, a white shirt, and for ladies the combination of a white outfit with pink accessories. The best matching couple will receive a free entrance to one of our next parties! The entrance fee includes a welcome drink, a rich banquet a whirlpool, towels, etc.

Have a delicious evening, enjoying great sex!

The dress code is mandatory to get in.

Please make early reservations, we’ll be happy for seeing you! 

ADMISSION: Pair 1.700, – (with club card 1.500, -), Female: 300, –

Fantasy club




Party for
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