ROMAN *** 21-04 clock

Surely you have heard about the ancient Rome sex orgies. There were spa parties full of sex, lust and vibe where the Romans had been enjoying their life to the fullest. That is how they lived in Rome many years ago. We have decided to remember Rome and organize party for relax and wellbeing. Our aim is to bring the Rome to the club through special music and dress code. Our masseurs will give your body great relief after a hard week. You may enjoy relax massage for two for half an hour. You cannot really give that a miss, can you?Own Rome costumes welcome! For this unique party is the dress code very easy: white sheet round up around the body. You will find it in your lockers. If you have your themed clothes it is welcome.

The price for a massage per person is 350, – (250, – paid by the customer and 100, – you pay the club). Massages are performed by certified masseurs.

ADMISSION: Pair 1.700, – (with club card 1.500, -), Female: 300, –

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