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I have heard about swingers only from story telling. I had an idea how is it happening and the idea of going there with my boyfriend never crossed my mind. As the time went i was hearing more and more about swingers parties from my close friends. Firstly it was more or less abstract words about someone sayin that someone else was saying and i had mixed feelings about it. It wasnt like it was a tabu for me and my boyfriend, we were mostly joking about it. One day we went to visit our friends who are known for being liberal about sex. So it wasnt surprising that during our conversation we get to talk about this topic. They both said that they visited lots of the swingers clubs. They insisted that common knowledge about these parties is missinterpreted and if we would like to have a clearer vision whe should visit this one club in Letňany where we will get full picture how it actually goes or how it should. They talked about nice and symphatetic people who get in contact not only for sexual reasons but also for understanding and even business opportunities.

This conversation made a big impression on us. After our arrival at home we talked about it a lot and eventually one night we went to Letňany. Right after arriving we knew that our friends weren´t lying. Besides handsome people around us we have seen luxury but discrete environment which lived by conversations at the tables but also music which was creating lovely atmosphere for dancing but talking as well. Near to us was a young, good looking couple and we crossed our views with them few times. My boyfriend send them a drink, which they were drinking that night, through the bartender. They did the same which made us to sit at one table together and get to know each other bit more. When we gain enough courage we went to see what is happening in the „other rooms“. Our new friends were on this kind of party for first time as well so we just blushed and went away. At first we thought of ourselves as some pubescents. But after anouther drink we went to see „those“ rooms again. This time we stayed a bit longer and just looked around. Then we tried a whirlpool together and talked about what we have just seen which made us pretty horny. The evening continued and we were almost at the of the night. We almost wanted to leave but we had to try to go the rooms where swingers activities were still going on. Because now we werent completely new to this we slowly „get into it“. Everyone with their own partner, sometimes i kissed the girl from the other couple. There were few touches as well but we finished by ourselves. Then we had to say goodbye and exchange the contacts and promised each other that we will come together on the next party.

And exactly that happened after a thrilling week but this time we enjoyed it „fully“. After meeting our friends in club and having a welcome drink we rushed into the centre of the party. I felt like a main star of a porn movie and my boyfriend had similar feelings. The last time i felt such excitment, tension and sparks was during my „first time“. It was one of the most unforgettable evenings in my life and definitely not last one.

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