And so there was our second party

During our conversations about sex, experiences, wishes and desires with my boyfriend we talked a bit about swingers clubs as well. My boyfriend visited few of these clubs some time ago but for me it was blank area. The more we talked about it our curiosity and desire grew and we decided to visit one. So we sat down to a computer and looked for a club to visit together. The first one wich popped out on us was some club in Prague 1. According to their websites it looked very tempting. We read through forums and discussions on the internet to gather the best informations how is it going there. Ill make it short...We liked the club but i have some complaints about organisation. Theme for the night was „Newbies party“. Good, this way we will fit in. We understand that you can never tell exactly how many people will come to the party and if there will be more men or women. It is very relative. Neverless we were quite confused when we arrived and there was only one couple and around 10-15 guys. We agreed that on our first visit we will only be together. But as soon as that 1 couple went to the rooms are all the present men abonded their tables and followed the couple. We also had the „opportunity“ to try how is to be hunted as an animal. We didnt really enjoyed it and decided to leave. It was nothing in the club wich went wrong but overall impression wasnt what we were expecting.

On a discussion forum we were surprised by negative evaluation of Swingers Club Fantasy. I dont understand those wars some clubs are trying to fight. When they talk about angry and unpleasant owner and slow personnel and so on. During a virtual visitation of Fantasy Club we decided that everyone can judge but to have an objective opinion you have to have the experience.

I dont get how anyone could come up with that idea that the owner is angry, rude man and that the service is slow and bartenders are frowning. It was nothing like that. Because we have seen the photos we knew what place we are going in. But what actually happened overcame our expectations. We were welcome by very kind girl. Right after our arrival she gave us first important informations and took us further. After leaving our coats in a locker room she walked us through the whole club and very willingly answered all of our questions. There werent many couples in a club so we drank our welcome drink on the bar during friendly conversation with the bartender, ginger girl with big smile – unfortunatelly we forgot her name. We also enjoyed a conversation with the very kind owner of the club. I took us maybe 30 minutes to feel like at home there. During the evening we tried different rooms and relaxed our bodies in the whirlpool. We went home completely happy, relaxed and excited. So to covered it up – awesome place, relax, comfort, perfect sex – we can only RECOMMEND. And you can be sure you will see us there. Fantasy fullfills our expectations and we definitely wont go to Prague 1 again.

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