First time on swingers

So after fighting your fight with prejudices you overcome your fear and standing in front of the door to the different world. Your heart beats and tells you its gonna be unforgottable evening full of emotions and excitment but there is still a bit of fear and worries...

Door opens and you come in, giving courage to each other and with feeling that you are in this together. We will welcome you with a smile, you will walk through a hallway and the space of the main room opens in front of you. The atmospheree of the club breathes on you, the music, descent lighting....

You recieve the keys of your locker and the personnel takes you to the locker room where you get your first informations about how the club is working. Theme of the party determines if you get undressed or stay in your civil clothes. We will give you a tour through the club, welcome drink will be prepared for you on the bar and you can choose from smoking or nonsmoking area to sit down.

Throughout the tour you will recieve more information about swingers. Every couple has their ideas and spectrum of thinking about swingers is quite wide. There are basically three groups of couples. First on are couples wich are only together, without contact with other people and they are just happy eith the atmosphere around them. The second group are couples who wants to meet other people but are happy to choose just one couple according to their mutual symphaties and spend the evening together. The third group are couples who likes bigger groups or different situations. All couples respect each other and nobody is forcing anyone to anything. Everything is about communication and all you have to do is to say: „Excuse me but we want to be alone“. It is a different world and differnt things are normal here. Its something else than in a bar or discotheque and the rules are that „NO“ really means „NO“ and without any troubles or issues you can keep your distance.

For new couples there is so called voayer room where you can see through „windows“ to the other rooms.

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